Until our launch, we are on a learning journey for how to provide the best possible experience for our guests and our employees. This blog is meant to share learnings and stories from people and organizations who inspire us as we prepare to offer authentic hospitality to all who enter our doors.

Site Visit to Metromont

One of the joys of bringing the Shepherd Hotel to life is seeing the partners who are coming alongside us to advance opportunities for people with disabilities.

Metromont Team showing ClemsonLIFE students drawings of the hotel


On Monday, we had the opportunity to tour the Greenville Metromont Plant alongside ClemsonLIFE students. The Metromont team generously showed the students all aspects of the precast process, from the design docs to where the concrete is poured in the plant. The team used the CMC machine to cut a Clemson Tiger Paw! 

Metromont Team used the CMC machine to cut a Tiger Paw that will go in the ClemsonLIFE office

The visit culminated in seeing the external walls of the hotel which will be installed later this year. The walls are meticulously colored to match our desired look and feel. It's exciting to imagine what they will look like as they go up in Clemson. 

ClemsonLIFE students with Shepherd Hotel leadership in front of a wall of the hotel